Kula world is a revolutuionairy puzzle game that deserves a sequel.

+ Very innovative puzzles
+ Over 200 levels

- Hard to find
- Sometimes fustrating on later levels

Kula world involves the player playing as a beach ball- the main aim of the game is to move from puzzle to puzzle collecting keys and finding the exits.
There's over 200 levels, the levels get much harder as they go along, for example- the 1st level is bassically a square with the key right in front of you and the exit just beyond the key.. then when you get the the 100th level you'll find spike traps, the keys are much harder to find and the levels are generally bigger.

You also pick up fruit along the way- every few games you'll be given the oppertunity to save, and everytime you manage to collect all the fruit you get a bonus level- these are usually just fun levels which boost your total score at the end of the game.

Music is solid and suits the game well- despitre getting repetetive sometimes it does hold together well with the puzzling element of the game.

Graphics are noticeabley last-gen, there are some texture problems when the beach ball goes over an edge but it's hardly noticable and shouldn't disturb the overall Kula world experience.

To sum it up Kula World should be tried by any body (if they can find a copy)
I hope this review has helped, thanks for reading.