Star Wars: Battle for Naboo Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Codes

    At the options screen, enter these cheats as a passcode.

    Code Effect
    TALKTOME Developer Commentary
    UYCZNCAX Double Secondary Weapon
    CXSJMIAA Easy Kill Mode
    FJJCUAAC Fit the N-1 with Cluster Missiles
    LFZWKXAA Infinite Lives
    RUAGIRL? Pink Ship
    GPAYQWAJ Unlock All Main Levels
    NIZWAGAO Unlock All Ships
    JOBXXFAI Unlock Art Gallery
    RACTVBAH Unlock Concert Hall
    FRMRYLDAD Unlock Dark Side Level
    ABVUSEAY Unlock Heat Seeking Missiles
    JHGNRGAS Unlock Infiltration Bonus
    FRBPTDAY Unlock Sith Infiltrator
    XFIIBAY Unlock Swamp Speeder
    DIWMZIAR View Credits
    EOWXZGAS View Development Team
    JOBXXFAI Art gallery in show room option
    RECTVBAH Concert hall in show room option
    FMRYLDAD Dark Side bonus level
    UYCZNCAX Double secondary weapon
    CXSJMIAA Expert mode
    ABVUSEAY Guided missiles
    FRBPTDAY Sith Infiltrator
    XFIIYBAY Swamp Speeder
    JHGNRGAS Unlock all levels with bonus
    NIZWAGAO Unlock all Naboo side ships
    GPAYQWAJ Unlock all normal levels
    DIWMZIAR Unlock credits
    EOWXZGAS View development team
    HRDTOKIL Advanced shields
    ACH! Advanced missiles
    FJJCUAAC Cluster homing missiles
    MELTDOWN Rapid fire
    NOSKILZ! Unlimited lives
    NOSHEILD One hit kills
    TALKTOME Developer commentary
    ADJJCCAY Create waves in water
    EBTRHBAF Speeder replaced by Buick
    PUHRPJAG Battle for Naboo level unlocked
    RJDGABAU All ships are pink

    Contributed by: birdieball 

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