Klingon vs Starfleet popularity according to Google (busting Cryptic/PWE/CBS BS)

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Cryptic's Dan Stahl refers to a lack of popularity for Klingons as an excuse not to develop content for the faction. Cryptic also refers to PWE and CBS as coming to the same conclusion.

The following puts their claims to shame with cold hard numbers (as of May, 2012):

"Starfleet" on Google: 5,350,000 results

"Klingon" on Google: 56,100,000 results !!!


Keep in mind that you could never start a Klingon character in this game fresh from level 1. You had to "unlock" it by playing on Starfleet first (yuck!). This is how it was sold to their customers -- on a false promise.

Proof: The History of the Klingon Empire with Cryptic Studios

Jack Emmert: "Starfleet and Klingon. Yeah. So two factions, full PvE content." (August, 2008)

I would have posted this on the official forums but I don't play this scam. Still, I'd like to warn potential customers about it before they waste their money on its Cash Shop, which, by the way, existed since release.

Bonus Google search for a phrase "content drought" shows STO related article about the lack of content as a first result, despite the words in the phrase not being unique to STO.

Also, looking at the forum activity here, it doesn't look like the game is doing well at all. :cool:

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Cryptic publicly admitted that they don't have enough resources in general to work on the game, even after they were purchased by PWE. Some new limited missions were apparently done in their "spare time" off work.

No matter how limited their resources are, the faction content isn't evenly spread. Google results prove that Klingons are more popular than Starfleet and that STO failed as a P2P.

If they don't have enough resources, then there isn't enough money coming in to increase them whether it's P2P or Cash Shop. That means, for majority of people, STO isn't worth paying for.

Considering that Star Trek the original series and the latest Star Trek Enterprise were cancelled, it looks like the Star Trek franchise isn't popular either. Despite what some fans might say, the ratings were bad. :)