ST:Legacy lays down ground that just because it hold the ST name doesn't mean it has to suck, just has to be mediocre.

User Rating: 7 | Star Trek: Legacy X360
Bethesda Studios offered Trekkies another whack at a Star Trek game. They promised us that it would be everything we ever wanted. Graphics, Gameplay and an online mode way advanced then any other Star Trek game, is this telling much hell no. Star Trek games have always been know for the most part to be Bargain Binners. Horrible games made for the whole 5 Trekkies who buy it just to own something with Star Trek in the title. Bethesda doesn't fail in this title but they are far from creating a new beginning for the Star Trek games.

Bethesda first annouced the main great thing about Legacy is its ability to incorporate fans from all series. Enterprise, The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, there all here. This game does an amazing job of making you feel like you are advancing through the crews. Moving through the ranks from the Enterprise NX-01 to The Original Series Enterprise. Which brings the question. Was Bethesda smart enough to bring the Captains from the television shows?The answer is a satisfying YES. If this game will bring anything successful to your living room its the sensational voice of Patrick Stewart, Scott Bakula, William Shatner...There all here, amazing.

Now according to your era you play in you will be put through a series of missions for each era which will probably piss the living hell out of you. Most of the missions are tedious and lame. They provide no more information on the series as like a back drop(See Lost:Via Domus). The story itself for each era feels empty and very deprived of anything Star Trek. Most the time its defending a ship or a series of ships or engaging in combat, over and over and over. You might think, hell that is awesome. Yeah it is awesome in a mini scrimage game. In a Single Player campaign it is weak.

Now you may ask, does it get any better in the game. The answer is yes but not much. Ship combat is decently done. Combat between ships is as simple as holding down a button targeting and firing. You press a button then a torpedo comes out. Repeat process. Then there is another button to increase your ships impulse speed. Then there is another to send you in Warp. None of it is difficult to control and this is really rather simple for most people just trying to get in. With a quick button you can also reroute support to weapons, engines, shields and scans. This can increase your combat chances agaisnt other vessels. This makes the game almost an RPG element and can be extremely fun.

Online in Legacy seems also like the Campaign, there for looks but deprived of anything making it great. Online is simple you verse between 2-4 other players to fight in combat. You get an amount of money to pick between 1-4 ships and well you go to combat. Simple as that the entire game. You can make teams to increase your fun but it doesnt get really any more advanced from there. The lack of online community is also there. You will generally only find like a game or two of people playing that are die hard Trekkies. After a quick game or two then you had enough.

So, the question still remains is Legacy a game you should spend your precise money on?Yes, this is a decent put together game that you will get a decent 10 or so hours of fun before you either put it away or resell it. Legacy is a mediocre title that doesn't lay anymore tile on the already destroyed Kitchen that is Star Trek.