People still play this!

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Yeah people still do play this online. it wasnt shut down thanks to being published by activision who aparently still paus gamespy for its services.

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I only played the multiplayer mode a few times myself.

Whats a shame is that I have a hard time wanting to play it anymore the mods in the game are so unstable I know almost after every quick battle will just crash...kinda lost the desire to play it though I been playing it on and off hard for like over a decade now...I still remember how excited I was to descover the mods and that was pretty much when mods started happening in my life.

Game is rather forgetful but the mods is what truly made it shine, if the mods were just more stable could have had more fun.

Oh if you are an armada fan like me check out fleet operations...I cant believe it took me so many years to discover the amazing aramda 2 mod you dont even have to have the game installed just in the drive but wow major improvement been playing it hard every day for quite a while now. A shame they took out some stuff though like the cards, steam roller, shief inversion from the romulan warbirds and species 8472.