I think this might be the best FPS I ever played.

The campaign was awesome and the MP mode is addicting.

Playing through the SP mode is like playing through an action movie along the lines of blackhawk down. It is easily one of the best games I have ever played. I would say it even out does the MGS series in the whole movie inspired games genre. People complain that it's too short but I don't think so because unlike most other games, it dosen't drag things out just for the sake of saying it's 18 hours long. this game was pure entertainment and never got boring for a second. I wish all action games were this intense.

The MP mode is incredible too. but not perfect. athough the gprahpics and gameplay are not dumbed down for online play they are missing a key feature in the online interface...the abilty to choose which room or which map you want to play on... this is the only reason I did not give this game a ten. There seems to be about 20 maps in the online mode which is a ton and the ones I have played on are really cool. but that's the problem, I've had the game for a week and only have played on 4 different maps because I can't choose which one I want.