Can't decide....

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...whether to try and platinum this game or not?! I'm on my first playthrough and I'm grinding robotic item drops, seems to take forever though! I've started trying to do it now though, so should I continue or just play it through once or twice and then move on to another game?


Anyone else currently trying to platinum it?

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Honestly I tried with the 360 version to get all the achievements and Got bored in the second play through. The game is good, and has a lot of content in it. I'm currently playing through the game again on ps3 but honestly my only goal is to just beat it again before Ni No Kuni comes out. GL with the plat though it's definitely a time sink.
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I'm actually finding it strangely addictive...although how long that will actually last I have no idea, enjoying the grind for battle trophies so far!