Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time (Japan) Cheats For PS2

  1. Sphere Company 211

    When you beat Gabriel Celesta in Cave of Trials, you can go above Floor 100 in Sphere Company 211. As the name implies, It has 211 Floors. Valkyrie awaits you at Floor 210 while Iseria Queen is at the Last Floor.

    Contributed by: Kouli 

  2. Extra scene with Lenneth Valkyrie

    Have Roger join your party either as the 5th or 6th character and when you meet Lenneth Valkyrie at Floor 210 at Sphere 211, an extra scene will triggers.

    Contributed by: Kouli 

  3. Near Invincibility

    With Fate, Cliff, Maria, Roger, or Nel, run to the edge of the screen, then continuously step (hop) into the edge. You will be invincible to nearly all attacks (but not Heraldry).

    Contributed by: EChang 

  4. Weaken Powerful Enemies

    Go into battle with the Gutsy Bunny equipped, then deequip it immediately. Enemies with 100,000 MP or more have their max MP reset at 99,999, making them much easier to kill with MP damage.

    Contributed by: EChang 

  5. Cave of Trials

    To unlock Cave of Trials, simply beat the game.

    Contributed by: Kouli 

  6. Battle Collection Rewards

    Complete a certain percentage of the Battle Collection to unlock bonuses.

    Code Effect
    Complete 30% of Battle Collection Universe Difficulty
    Complete 60% of Battle Collection Music Test
    Complete 70% of Battle Collection Fourth Dimension Difficulty
    Complete 95% of Battle Collection Full Auto Mode

    Contributed by: EChang 

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