Star Legions Cheats For PC

  1. 100% battle rating and beyond to begin

    To start the game with a higher battle rating than normal:

    Edit the file legions.# where the # is your commander's number (ie: Manager is #0). You can use a MS-DOS editor but I prefer a hex editor.

    Each legion is encoded in the legions.# file by 4 ASCII characters. This always begins with the 4-character sequence:

    ''(nul)F(nul)(nul) ''

    repeated 99 times, where the first character (a space to the eye, but actually the NUL control character) is the legion's name AND color, the second character is the legion's battle rating, and the third and fourth have an effect on honors but I didn't bother to figure that out entirely yet.

    To start all your legions with 100% battle rating, change the sequence to:

    ''(nul)d(nul)(nul) ''

    for EACH LEGION (yes, you're going to do some serious typing or copying/pasting here). The character 'd' is 64 in hex, if you're using that type of editor. You can even start with a rating as high as 255 - but I'm not sure offhand what ASCII 255 is.

    Mind your spacing! There is no wasted space in this data file so if you accidentally add spaces or other characters you'll screw up your data file! Fortunately, it doesn't hurt the game any.

    Contributed by: zwischy