After finally getting used to the control scheme on Star Fox's most recent outing, I found a decent turn based shooter.

User Rating: 7.8 | Star Fox Command DS
Star Fox has been off his game recently...after the classic Star Fox 64 he has tryed to take on a new image. First he was in Star fox Adventures...which was a superb Zelda game and then he was in Star Fox Assault which was just a disaster. In Command Fox is back where belongs, in the sky. However, he doesn't go back to his on-rail shooter roots, he takes a more of a tactical combat oriented, approach to the genre. You control Fox and friends using the stylus and every other button shoots. this can be uncomfortable at first but eventually become second nature. The levels are turn based and you have a set number of "turns" to get kill all of the enemies in the level. you use your stylus to navigate the overworld to encounter the enemies. The different stategies that you use to make sure all of them are killed can easily affect the fights that you initiate.

While playing it, Star Fox Command is addictive, but once I finished my first fun through I found it hard to pick back up and play through again with different levels. This is mainly due to the repetativeness of the games attack sequences. Star Fox looks and sounds great and its good to see a decent 3D game on the DS, but it lacks that final bit of sparkle, that made the first 2 Star Fox games so darn cool. If you can get past the weird controls, you will enjoy this one...if you can't just pick a Wii and buy Star Fox 64 again and wait for Nintendo to finally release a proper sequel.