Great flight game with good online potential.

User Rating: 9.2 | Star Fox Command DS
This is one of the first starfox games I have ever played and as such I am not effeted by a pre determined expectation of what it should be like. The stylus controls work like a charm with the player becoming an expert at controlling their arwing within the first half hour. Barrel rolls, loop de loops and backflips with a single tap of the stylus. The combat comes in short bursts with larger fights having an almost constant need to gain vital time boosts to survive . The startegy element of the game is an interesting addition with you being able to choose who you take into which battles and as damage stays after battle your performance in one dog fight will determine your status in the next one.

Graphically the game really uses the DS's capabilitys well and the music is well suited to the pace of the action with each character having their own theme tune. The storyline is your basic "Evil badguys try to take over the universe" lark but the multiple endings add a bit of variety to things. Sadly these additional endings don't add enough time to the games duration and overall it is far too short. It lacks additional difficulties or a single player skirmish mode so other than the story there isnt much for one person to do. The wireless dogfights are great with a group of friends but the online is fairly inactive and many people drop out when their loosing.

If your looking for some great dogfighting action then this is the game for you.