Great replay value with mutiple endings

User Rating: 9.1 | Star Fox Command DS
This is truly a great game if only you make the effort to replay once you have beaten it the first time. It then unlocks challenging and unique missions on several different planets and you will meet tons of different opponents and sometimes very hard to beat bosses.

For example, you will chase a giant sand worm reminiscent of Dune on Festina, you will fight opponents avoiding solar flares on Solar, fight a giant robotic satellite in Sector X,Y,Z, ...

I wasn't particularily impressed by the game when I bought it and only played 20 minutes one the first day. Some days later I beat the game in the story mode and found it short like most of the other people here.

Afterwards I started to replay the story taking other paths via the unlockables and it was then that I got hooked. It is only at that time that I realized that this game has huge content and has now become my number one game on the DS. It must have about 30 - 40 different missions, with each mission including 5 - 10 fights, so you will have plenty of hours of fun.

It is so addicting that it really is stealing on my sleep time, it's been two weeks that I've been playing until 1 AM in the morning each time thinking "ok, one last mission" :-)

So really try out the unlockables, you won't be disappointed