One of the best title for Xbox 360... But it doesn't make everyone happy.

This is one of best game for Xbox 360. This game have amazing graphic, great gameplay, and great value. The story is about stopping last Halo activiced and finish the fight. You will play as Master Chief with trained for use of all weapon, jump higher than human, strength you can hit once and enemy die.

Gameplay is same as halo 1 and 2. Get gun, shoot, and survive. You can also drive a vehicle or operate turret or ride another seat and shoot with your holding gun

Graphic is amazing. The graphic is absoultely the next generation of Halo series. Most of peope says Halo 3 graphic is still same as Halo 2 and i agree, but in Halo 3 graphic got improved smoothly than Halo 2.

The value of this game is worth to play. Especially when you play higher level than normal then you can feel the real fun of Halo 3.
Legendary mode is really hard that maybe harder than other games you play in hard mode. But still it's not next to impossible.

Now the important thing of Halo is multiplayer and this won't dissapoint FPS fans. Multiplayer is pretty insane and there are so many things you can do with multiplayer and also friends that you invited. There are many so I won't name all.

So in overall, for Halo fans, you can play this to finish the story and fight and taste the next generation of Halo. But on the other hand, someone who is saying "Halo? I never played those" they might not play long with this game. But still Halo 3 is great FPS game for only Xbox 360.