If you thought the first one was awesome, the second is going to knock your socks off.

When you take, a dating simulation, add sugar, spice and the power of song, you get the Ar Tonelico Series.....a truly unique gaming experience that keeps you locked to the controller for hours. Any fan of the first one is going to love the second.....take everything you know about the first and revamp it and you get Melody of Metafalica. Chose again between one of three beautiful and highly talented Revytails...each with their own unique songs, and personalities. Get to know the girl of your dreams the second time around, in this truly beautiful rpg gaming experience.

The good: Beautiful Graphics, relationship based simulation that focuses on strong ties not just between you and your revytail, but between the revytails together....New synchronicity attacks, adds an awesome enhancement to an already wonderful battle system. Beautiful voice acting.

The bad: If your accustomed to next generation graphics like on the Ps3 and 360, then the sprites are going to take some getting used to.