Star Fox: Assault Cheats For GameCube

  1. Taunting

    Press the Z button when you're not near a vechicle. Your character will Taunt.

    Contributed by: Nintendoman71 

  2. Ride on top of Arwing (on non-wing riding missions and multiplayer)

    Press Z while in the air in your Arwing, and you'll be standing on top of it while it glides. You can use any of your weapons during this time.

    Contributed by: SuperSaiyanJedi2 

  3. Second Taunt

    After you shoot or kill someone press Z and they will do a taunt different from the first

    Contributed by: S_Fox 

  4. ride on opponent's arwing

    To ride on your opponents arwing/wolfen, land by holding X. Have the other player run up to the vehicle and press Z to enter the vehicle. You will now be riding the opponents arwing.

    Contributed by: Whitefangedwolf 

  5. Easily Avoid Predator Rockets

    In Multiplayer, if you are in an aircraft, and you are being followed by an opponents predator rocket, simply press "Z" to stand on your ship, then press "Z" again to get back in. This will destroy any missiles following you. This trick also refills your boost/brake guage.

    Contributed by: FelixFelicis 

  6. Playing Outside Game dimensions

    What you'll need to do this is a boosterpack (and in some levels an arwing or wolfen). 2 best stages to do this are Titania or Cornelia City. In Cornelia city hitch an arwing and fly to the center tall building, hopping off at the very small ledge at the top. Then jump up using the booster pack to the top point (takes practice) and vwala, you're invinciple to opponent attacks, however you can attack them anytime you want with snipers and rocket launchers. Same concept on Titania, it just doesn't require an arwing to get up to the center tower peak.

    Contributed by: Maester_Maku 

  7. Unlock Survivor Mode

    To unlock Survivor mode for Single player, complete the game once.

    Contributed by: RpgTobias 

  8. Unlock Multiplayer Stages

    Complete the following levels once to unlock the corresponding multiplayer stage.

    Code Effect
    Complete Katina: Frontier Base Battle Katina Outpost
    Complete Sargasso Space Zone: Hostilities Revisited Inner Sargasso Hideout
    Complete Sargasso Space Zone: Hostilities Revisited Outer Sargasso Hideout
    Complete Fichina: Into the Storm Fichina
    Complete Sauria: Reunion Planet Sauria
    Complete Corneria: War Comes Home Corneria City
    Complete Orbital Gate: Incoming Space Station
    Complete Aparoid Homeworld: Breaching the Defenses Aparoid City

    Contributed by: RpgTobias 

  9. Unlock Wolf O'Donnell for Vs. Mode

    To unlock Wolf, beat all 10 missions, and don't let any of the other Star Fox Team members retire during the missions.

    Contributed by: TheMiracleMeatLives 

  10. Multiplayer Unlockables

    Play the following number of multiplayer matches to unlock the corresponding part.

    Code Effect
    5 matches Special Items On/Off, controls appearance of items like the missile launcher and gattling gun
    5 matches Missile Launcher
    10 matches Missile Launcher Only Mode
    15 matches Peppy Hare as Playable
    20 matches Gattling Guns
    30 matches Crown Capture Mode
    40 matches Stage: Titania Desert
    50 matches Sure-Shot Scuffle Mode (1-hit kills)
    60 matches Simple Map 4
    230 matches Booster Pack and Launcher Tilt Mode
    260 matches Stage: Simple Map 5
    200 matches Cluster Bombs
    170 matches Predator Rockets
    150 matches Wolfen
    130 matches Stage: Zoness Sea Base
    110 matches Booster Packs Brawl Mode
    90 matches Booster Packs
    75 matches Fireburst Pods

    Contributed by: RpgTobias 

  11. Unlock Star Luster (JPN version only)

    To unlock Star Luster collect all 50 special flags on any difficulty

    Contributed by: Ksathra 

  12. Demon Sniper in VS Mode

    To unlock the demon sniper inVS mode, beat all missions with getting all of the S flags.

    Code Effect
    Coleect all S flags in all missions Demon Sniper

    Contributed by: Hawkboy262 

  13. Unlockable Multiplayer characters

    Do the following things to unlock a certain character in multplayer mode.

    Code Effect
    complete 15 multiplayer matches Peppy Hare
    complete all the mission in story mode without a teammate dying Star Wolf

    Contributed by: PT 

  14. Unlock Xevious

    Collect all silver medals throughout the game.

    Code Effect
    Collect all silver medals throughout the game. Xevious

    Contributed by: nensondubois 

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