Star Fox Adventures Cheats For GameCube

  1. 30 Scarabs

    Go to the game place in the Thorntail store. Then turn around and you see a brick wall. Go up to it and then run at it. There will be a giant rock lift it and then you see three red scarabs each worth 10 scarabs.

    Contributed by: Dolphin9090 

  2. How to get to the High-Top without paying

    In Cape Claw when you get to the docks and you have to pay a certain amount of scrabs to the guard jump in the water and swim right. There should be a booster pad on the ground. Boost up and you will reach the high-top without paying.

    Contributed by: giga_bowser91 

  3. Elevator, Not Really Going...

    Quite a simple glitch really. At the beginning of the game when you are playing Krystal, after you find the Krazoa Spirit you normally hop on the small elevator to the release pad. While you are on the elevator, hit Z for first person view. Your view will stop moving but the elevator keeps going! You will watch it come up over your head! When you go back to normal view, everything will resume normally. Weird!

    Contributed by: Terekane of Darkness 

  4. Use Flame Command without wasting a mushroom

    This can only be done after you collect Tricky's Flame command. Whenever you want to light something up e.g. a moon seed, a torch, a wall of thorns etc. Instead of going into the C-Stick menu and selecting the Flame Command, thus wasting a mushroomm, stand in front of the object you want to burn and make sure Tricky is behind you. Then turn around and hit Tricky a few times with your stafff. He will eventually try to burn you so move out of the way and he will burn the object you want. This doesn't waste a musrhoom.

    Contributed by: giga_bowser91 

  5. Unlock bonus options in menu

    Throughout the game, there are eight Cheat Tokens that can be found by throwing twenty Scarabs into the respective Cheat Wells. Four of them unlock special features in the game when dropped into the well underneath the WarpStone.

    Code Effect
    Get the token from the well in the central room Thorntail Hollow shop. Credits
    At the beginning of Ice Mountain, on the opposite side of the warp point, you'll find a spot to plant a Bomb Spore. Blow it up to find the well. Sound test
    In Moon Mountain Pass, just outside of the Krozoa Shrine there's a place to plant a Moonseed. Climb the plant to find the well. Subtitles
    Underneath the path leading to LightFoot Village in Cape Claw, there's an unstable wall. Blow it open with the nearby cannon to find this well. Black-and-white mode

    Contributed by: MSuskie 

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