If you liked the Tamagotchi toy, you're gonna love this game!

I randomely got this game one day while I was chillin' my brothers. We were walking around the local Toys 'R Us when we saw this game for only 20 dollars! My mom thought we were being good, so she bought the game for each of us.

This game has some great memories with me, and I'll never forget them. If you played the little hand held toy, you know what you're in for. If you never did, read on to see what this game is all about.

Basically, Tamagotchis are animals that came to Earth from another planet that you hatch and raise as pets. At the start of the game, you watch a little opening scene where the Tamagotchis crash to Earth in thier spaceship, and then you pick an egg of theirs to raise and care for. The best part of this game was raising your Tamagotchi and watching it grow and morph into an adult. Depending on how it was treated, it would grow up and look differently and act differently and all. This made watching your friend's Tamagotchis grow and yours grow fun as well because they would be different looking when they were adults.

When you got good at keeping one Tamagotchi, you could hatch another. You could have up to three at a time. After awhile, they will die and there is a little ceremoney that happens and then you put there name down to remember them and how long they lived.

The grapgics weren't too great. it looked exactly like the Tamagotchi toy you bought in the stores. the music was nothing exciting either, but it worked.

This game was very addicting and fun when I was a kid, and is till pretty cool today. If you liked the little Tamagotchi toys, then you're gonna love this game! Check it out to see what all of the hype back in the day was about (if you can find this game)!