Mario Kart DS is the 5th game in the Mario Kart Series (6th if your counting the arcade one) and its definately the best

Mario Kart DS is an incredible racer on the DS thats great fun. The graphics are great for a DS game, and theres plenty of content to keep you busy for a while.

Gameplay: There are eight racers to a track and you race and use weapons to try to stop each other. The game has a suprisingly good amount of content for a racer on the DS, icluding 12 racers, over 30 karts, 8 cups, mission mode, wifi connectivity, 4 types of racing mode, wireless as well as DS download play. The tracks in this game are really good, and also the retro tracks are superb as well. Mission mode is really fun, including bosses all from the Super Mario 64 DS. The battle options are fun, I really like shine runners. The battle tracks are great as well. The wifi can be really glitchy at times, and you'll be frequently come across hackers that use these glitches to there advantage and find glitched out shortcuts to win every time. The DS download fearture couldve been better, but its still good.

Graphics: The animations of the characters are very fluid and fun to looks at. The levels as well as the obstacles are superb and feel like double dash graphics.

Sound: The sound is great. Luv the music as well as the SE's.

Multiplayer: Wireless play is basicly playing through every mode with a friend except mission mode. In Download play, the other player plays as a Shy Guy and the gameplay modes are limited.

Unlockables and Extra Content: So so, there arent a lot of racers as I'd hoped, but still a good amount. There are levels to unlock, but those are really easy. The time trial mode has staff times, which is kinda cool. Its a shame that theres no downloadable content, but we kinda expected that, because Nintendo's not that cool.

Replay Value: High

Final Comments: A great game to any DS owner's library, and they still sell it even though it was released three years ago, and the price hasnt even dropped, so obviousely its a great game. Check it out!