Star Fox 64 Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Disable the Crosshair

    When the game is paused, press the R trigger to turn off the crosshairs.

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

  2. Expert Training/Versus

    If you change the setting for the main game to ''Expert'', then go to either Versus or Training modes, you will be using Expert rules (wings fall off after crashing once, etc.)

    Contributed by: LinkN 

  3. A never ending versus match.

    Normally a game will end when one player reaches the ammount of points he is supposed to get. However, if you have a game of 3-4 players, and your person has 2 kills(you have to get 3 to win), if that person kills two people at once, it skips the 3 and goes to 4, thus messing up the counter, and the game will never end untill you reset the game.

    Contributed by: nick mi 

  4. Full Shadow

    In versus mode if you destroy both of your wings, you will still see the full shadow of the Arwing.

    Contributed by: krilinx 

  5. Untouchable in VS mode

    In VS mode, use the arwing and go up as high as you possibly can. Then, do a U-Turn (Down + C-down). The moment your energy comes back up for you to do another U-Turn, do it immediately. Keep doing U-Turns until your arwing is so far up, it's no longer on the screen. Players might see or lock onto you, but they won't be able to hit you. (Note: If you start coming down after executing the glitch, the terrain gets all messed up)

    Contributed by: PortablePen 

  6. Expert Mode

    To unlock expert mode you need to earn all 15 medals in the game.

    Contributed by: wdg8 

  7. Play as a tank

    To play as a tank in multi-player mode you must earn a medal in venom.

    Contributed by: wdg8 

  8. Play on foot

    To play on foot in multi-player mode you must earn a medal in venom on expert mode.

    Contributed by: wdg8 

  9. New Title Screen

    Earn all 15 medals in EXPERT mode for a different title screen.

    Contributed by: Jarred 

  10. Level Warps

    There are various parts of different levels thaqt serve as warp points. If you shoot/ go through warp poits, you will be transported to a secret level. Defeat the secret level to be transported to another level on the map.

    Code Effect
    Go through all the Warp Points on Meteo Katina
    Go through all the Warp Points on Sector X Sector Z

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  11. Character Appearances

    Certain characters will appear to assist you, depending on the order that you beat the levels

    Code Effect
    Beat Katina Bill in Sector X
    Beat Zoness Katt in Macbeth

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  12. Sound Test

    You can listen to the sound effects of the game under the main menu after unlocking expert mode.

    Code Effect
    Unlock Expert Mode Sound Test

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  13. Special Level Conditions

    In order to reach certain levels, you must complete a few tasks in various levels.

    Code Effect
    Fly through all the rock arches, then follow Falco through the waterfall, then defeat the boss Sector Y
    More than 100 points in Sector Y Aquas
    Use the warp at Meteo Katina
    Defeat the boss at Katina Solar
    Don't defeat the boss at Katina Sector X
    Warp at Sector X Sector Z
    Turn all the switches on Macbeth Area 6
    Destroy all the missiles at Sector Z Area 6

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  14. Wolfen in Training Mode

    Code Effect
    Destroy 100 enemies Fight Wolfen in training mode

    Contributed by: caz2004 

  15. medals

    To unlock a medal in each level you will need to keep each of your wingmen alive and destroy a set amount of enemies in each level.

    Code Effect
    Destroy 150 Medal in Corneria
    Destroy 200 Medal in Meteo
    Destroy 150 Medal in Sector Y
    Destroy 50 Medal in Fortuna
    Destroy 150 Medal in Katina
    Destroy 150 Medal in Aquas
    Destroy 150 Medal in Sector X
    Destroy 100 Medal in Solar
    Destroy 250 Medal in Zones
    Destroy 100 Medal in Sector Z
    Destroy 150 Medal in Macbeth
    Destroy 300 Medal in Area 6
    Destroy 150 Medal in Bolse
    Destroy 200 Medal in Venom 1 or 2
    150 enemies down Titania Medal

    Contributed by: drprimemaster3009 

  16. Artwork

    You can view two different pieces of artwork for beating Venom on expert mode. The artwork you see depends whether you beat Venom on the easy path or hard.

    Contributed by: zxzxi 

  17. Unlock alternate title screen

    To unlock the alternate title screen you need to get a medal on every planet on Expert mode.

    Code Effect
    All medals on Expert mode Alternate title screen

    Contributed by: ninja3213 

  18. Title Screen Trick

    On the Title Screen, press the B button for one time, then start rotating your analog joystick around until the number 64 on the end of the logo starts to move. Move it anywhere on the screen. You realise that the characters will follow it with their heads. Try letting go of the stick and it will return back to its initial position.

    Contributed by: YSF 

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