Star Defense Cheats For iPhone/iPod

  1. Achievements

    By completing certain objectives in the game, you'll unlock special awards and titles.

    Code Effect
    Complete the tutorial. Bested Bootcamp
    Earn medals for all planets on easy difficulty. I'll Be Back
    Earn medals for all planest of normal difficulty. Saved...For Now At Least
    Earn medals for all planets on hard difficulty. Slaughter of the S'rath
    Earn medals for all planets across all difficulties. A Journey of a Lifetime
    Kill 1,000 probes. Squash Em Kill Em Good
    Kill 1,000 viceroys Exterminate...Exterminate
    Kill 1,000 swarms. Anyone For Sushi?
    Kill 1,000 mollusks. Yeeeees, Master
    Kill 1,000 lancers. You Can Lance, For Inspiration
    Kill 1,000 scions. No Disc In Drive
    Kill 1,000 Quigors. The Bigger They Are...
    Kill 1,000 man-o-wars. You Know What Nemesis Means?
    Kill 1,000 galvanizers. Royally Assassinated
    Kill 1,000 tyrants. Ladies and Gentleman, We Got Him
    Hit 3 or more enemies with one tower in one shot. One Shot, Three Kills
    Hit 5 or more enemies with one tower in one shot. Deep Fried Five
    Reach wave 20 eith only Gauss Turrets. I Believe In Gauss
    Build 2 Quantun Launchers in one sessions. Quantum Mechanics
    Fully upgrade 2 Quantum Launchers in one session. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now
    Have 2 waves active in one session. The More The Merrier
    Have 3 waves active in one session. The Wicked Three
    Save 2,000 credits. Clean Them Coins, Boy...
    Save 3,000 credits. Fort Knox, Eat Your Heart Out
    Finish a session with the shield wall undamaged. One Of The Untouchables
    Have 20 towers built at one time. A Worthy Skyline
    Have 30 towers built at one time. The Towering Inferno
    Complete 30 waves without having more than 8 towers. Because I Miss Two Fingers
    Complete 40 waves without selling any towers. These Here Towers Are Mine
    Get 100 tower upgrades. Because You're Worth It
    Get 1,000 tower upgrades. Epic...Simply Epic
    Defeat 100 waves on Outpost D-13 in freeplay mode. Party On The Rock
    Defeat 100 waves on Tellora in freeplay mode. Shooting Warms Me Up
    Defeat 100 waves on Soristi in freeplay mode. Still Haven't Learned, Have They?
    Defeat 100 waves on Cabal Installation in freeplay mode. Let's Just Assimilate
    Defeat 100 waves on Nova Cratos in freeplay mode. The Original Challenge
    Defeat 100 waves on Rhydon in freeplay mode. We Want It Just As Bad
    Defeat 100 waves on Magna Primein freeplay mode. Go Home Team Go

    Contributed by: discoinferno84