Star Conflict Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Earn 5000 beacon capture points. Cryptographer
    Earn 10000 beacon capture points. Hacker
    Restore ally beacons for 500 points. Serviceman
    Restore ally beacons for 1000 points. Repairman
    Restore ally beacons for 5000 points. Technician
    Restore ally beacons for 10000 points. Engineer
    Successfully launch 1000 missiles. Rocketeer
    Successfully launch 5000 missiles. Missile maniac
    Successfully launch 1000 unguided rockets. Rocket hail
    Successfully launch 5000 unguided rockets. Rocket storm
    Successfully launch 1000 nukes. Nuclear winter
    Successfully launch 3000 nukes. Nuclear apocalypse
    Attach 5000 spy drones to enemy ships. Big Brother
    Win 5 victories on the Cosmonautics Day. Cosmonautics Day
    Capture all the beacons simultaneously Singularity
    Capture all the beacons in one battle Meteor
    Destroy 10000 of enemy missiles. Impenetrable defence
    Successfully launch 250 nukes. Nuclear threat
    Attach 1000 spy drones to enemy ships. Special agent
    Earn 1000 beacon capture points. Safecracker
    Attach 100 spy drones to enemy ships. Spy
    Destroy 1000 of enemy missiles. Got some more missiles?
    Successfully launch 500 missiles. Missile salvo
    Successfully launch 50 nukes. Manhattan Project
    Capture the sector in less than 5 minutes Blitzkrieg
    Successfully launch 500 unguided rockets. Rocket downpour
    Deal 10000000 damage to the enemy. Terminator
    Successfully launch 100 missiles. Fire and forget
    Destroy 100 of enemy missiles. Iron curtain
    Earn 500 beacon capture points. Cracksman
    Successfully launch 100 unguided rockets. Rocket rain
    Attach 10 spy drones to enemy ships. Scout
    Deal 1000000 damage to the enemy. Exterminator
    Deal 50% of the total damage dealt during the battle Juggernaut
    Destroy 10 of enemy missiles. Carapace
    Win the battle without losing a single ship Flawless Victory
    Deal 100000 damage to the enemy. Destroyer
    Deal 25000 damage to the enemy. Crusher

    Contributed by: Guard Master