Star Citizen Air Force

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Star Citizen Air Force - Recruiting Now! Star Citizen Air Force is welcoming new pilots, if you are interested in finding out more then please visit; So far I've spent around $400 putting this together and could use a little more help polishing things off if you like what you see, or just want to be a part of it then I welcome you. I've purchased a logo designer and builder software, I purchased the temp placement of website at the, I have also purchased a website at which is, and a template at template monster...which I am having trouble putting together but in time I'll figure it all out or if your handy with web development apply for WebOps and join up. I have also purchased a 50 slot Ventrilo server. I made a bunch logo designs by hand which I hope you all enjoy and with the software I have there is plenty more I can create. I have put together a basic design on how the Star Citizen Air Force is going to operate on the temp website. Let me know what you all think, cheers!