Anyone else really excited for this game?

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I know I am.  This game is the reason I am in the process of finally getting a new PC. My current AMD 3200+ single core would probably spit the dvd out. And i figure I can play the new SimCity,  finally play Flight Sim 10 the way it was meant to be played,  and even try out SWTOR. 

This game takes me back to my C64 days playing Elite,  still just about the best game on that platform.  The power to be anything is addictive.  Personally in SC I'm looking at being a "profit mongering Ferangi type" and try to develop wealth.   Hopefully I can get a rig together before beta testing starts, really want to be in on that.  

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I am, hopefully it lives up to its hype. After jumpgate evolution, SWTOR and a plethora of other bombs and cancelled games I will just wait until after it's released to believe any hype whatsoever though. I've been duped too many times to ever believe a game is good until I see it in action post-release. Look at Diablo 3, supposed to have this revolutionary new auction house and every person I've talked to about it says do not buy it. SWTOR was supposed to be the second coming of Jesus and the next sliced bread all in one.
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I share the dream! :)
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Take it from this fan man, this is a masterpiece in the works. Don't just follow it, be a part of it. Join before Nov. 26th. See website to be amazed.

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Meh looks pretty but holy shit do they want a lot of money for digital content...I'm never gonna play this for that reason alone.

I'm willing to bet it's just gonna be a huge mess as well.

I pity the rich moron that spent 15k on this game when they have no promised guaranteed release date.