It's your usual combat flight simulator, but made right.

Fury3 is a combat flight simulator developed by Terminal Reality, the developers of Terminal Velocity. Despite the game engine being the same, Terminal Velocity is NOT a sequel of Fury3.

Before we continue with the review, I would like to present an amusing fact: This game is meant to be runned on Windows 95 (also runs in Windows 3.1), but it runs perfectly on Windows 7. Well, almost. Heheh... but hey, at least you don't have to do silly stuff to get it running.

Okay, so, you're Councilor, the only Coalition combat pilot alive. The Bions, evil aliens, have took over 8 planets, and you must stop them. This is the weakest part of the game. The plot almost never affects the gameplay. So it makes it a generic shooter.

The Gameplay is simple: you're in a space ship shooting stuff. Generic, but really satisfying, even with the keyboard. The Dogfights are awesome and so are your weapons. You got some lasers, lots of missiles, and an energy-restoring weapon. You can pick up power-ups so you shoot 2 or 4 lasers at a time, or pick up power-ups for a shield boost, invincibility, invisibility (not to be confused), total shield restore, turbo, etc...

The level system is also pretty simple: you go to a planet, do 3 missions, which the end of the 3rd has a boss, watch a cutscene of you leaving the planet, then watch another one of you entering another. Unlike Hellbender, there's no messages from the Council of Peace, or any entertaining video clips. Just you entering and leaving a planet. Boring.

The enemies are generic, too: ships and ground targets. Meh. But it's so satisfying shooting them down. It's all very well developed.

The graphics are decent, but I've seen better in games developed in 1995. The textures are very well done and there is alot of colour, and the fog distance thing was always a problem back then, and it still hit Fury3.

In short, it's a great and a memorable game, worth playing it for hours, even to this day.