Left 4 Dead is.........well.............good. Great multiplayer, good storyline, and everything in between.

Left 4 Dead is a helluva Zombie game. Although I played L4D2 first, I still came back and play through it a couple times. Now into the nitty gritty.

The characters are a great representation of a ragtag group of survivors in any Zombie movie. With the 4 original campaigns, the banter is pretty impressive. Bill yelling at Francis who yells at Louis and then Zoey just kinda sits there and breaks up some of the arguing. All together this makes for a serious but very comedic cast.

The graphics are impressive. It gives off the whole movie vibe with the camera filtering. The scenery itself almost seems realistic, but yet you still feel like you are crawling through the sewers trying to get to Mercy Hospital, or in Riverside. The Infected themselve are somewhat drab. Common infected are all gray with Special infected and different shades of gray. It's as if they L4D were meant to be in Black and White.

Multiplayer is what really sets it off for me. Although many claim L4D2 has better multiplayer, but I love L4D's more. It's one thing, NO LAG!!! I love the fact that no matter how crappy my connection is, I will never lag. Of course the only thing I play, like everyone else, is versus mode. Nothing like pouncing on Zoey as a Hunter. :)

To sum it up, Left 4 Dead is one neat little game and with the DLCs, it gets better, but I'll do those later. Left 4 Dead gets 8 Tanks out of 10.