The best game ever made

Still to date this game is amazing, I played with my little brother (we had a race to see who could beat it first) to help us wait and get us excited for Twilight Princess. While playing the game for about the 5th time I realized how truly amazing and influencing this game was. It helped set what graphic should be like for the 64 and as an earlier game for the 64 it set the bar really high. Also it help show other developers how to do action adventure games in 3D, it was the first game to have auto jumping and also one of the first to have a lock on system. Not only all of this but the story line for it was amazing it had plenty of twist and turns everywhere, but didn't come out to be to crazy. There is plenty of variety in this game and its extremely fun and addicting.

This is the greatest game ever made still to date, and I don't see it being surpassed in a long time.