You'd have to be a lunatic to appreciate it.

User Rating: 1.6 | Spyro: Shadow Legacy DS
Throughout the years, the Spyro Saga has been steadily declining in all the aspects of a good game. I thought I saw the worst when I played Enter the Dragonfly. Then came along Hero's Tail (which was a lot worse). And now, there's an abnormally abysmal piece of trash in my rubbish bin called Shadow Legacy which only broke about a quarter of my monthly pocket money.

Shadow Legacy is by far the most dreadful of the little dragon's adventures. This game offers neither the great capacities of the DS gaming system, nor the patience of sitting there playing a half an hour game like that.

The microphone is not used, while the Touch Screen is usually used for magic to kill enemies. Don't expect some fantastic jinxes and hexes like in Harry Potter: there's only a couple spells which are used only to decrease about a quarter of the enemies' health, taking away nearly all the MP left in your gauge. Another unnecessary spell used is Teleport. Again, it takes away a considerable amount of MP, but using it requires visiting Teleport Pads, which are scattered in a very illogical manner.

If ever you buy the game, I advise you never to collect any of the 30 dragon eggs: you will be awarded with a Ball Spell, which will allow you to visit a place where there are only two butterfilies and a mushroom (I'm not joking!). it is a lot easier to avoid the trouble of rounding off eggs in an already boring game.

The graphics are even worse. It is almost impossible to distinguish it from a first generation game and a DS game. The characters are muddy and very bizzare. Sometimes, you can walk on solid land and just drown inside the pavement! Very annoying...

The famous "Shadow Realm" is also a nuisance. It is basically the exact replica of the real world except that it's night time and there are special Shadow Monsters to fight. It is also clearly overtaxing the DS system.

The missions are organized in an impossibly chaotic fashion. For example, if you were required to fetch some ingredients to a special potion, it is advisable to write them down on a piece of paper; they will not be repeated twice, even in the Mission Bar in your Touch Screen. Some missions require a lot of Teleporting, which is also a problem.

A lot of times, you will be required to visit the Temple to get a Two Topic lesson with the Elders. A lot of times, the stuff you learn is crap, and not worthwile, but if your lucky, you might get something sutiable.

Again, don't buy it, unless you're willing to flush your cash down the drain.