Good add on to the first game if you can look passed the minor things.

Gameplay: Anyways the story arc picks up exactly after the death of Typhus in the ruined circle of Gods on Olympus and the story goes on from there. You will find the doorways to Hades open to you to explore. There are several new quite large areas. Each of which is full of interesting quests and scarey monsters. Well there is a quite bunch of new weapons and things to do and collect but one of the coolest new thing that is added is the new "Dream mastery skill" set. This is a very versatile set of skills that allow you to dish out lots of damage to groups of your enemies. The "Dream Master" also gains access to a flying eye pet called the Nightmare. It can also be used in comat. Also the inventory management has also been improved in the game so it's easier for you to manage your idems. There are also artifacs to collect to make your character more powerful. So pretty much you journey from Olympus through the River Styx, the tower of judgment, the wars in Elysium, and finally on to Hades' palace, Along the way, you will have 26 side-quests to complete, as well as the multiple-inter-twined main plot. Graphics: The graphics are pretty good. The whole killing and effects look pretty good and spells going off looks good. Also Some intering new designs but not improved in terms of quality from the first game.

Sound: Like the first game, the sound is quite good. The sound effects sound the way they should sound, the voice acting is also very well done and some of the new soundtrack is quite nice and it suits the gameplay and the envroment.

Value: All in all this is quite a fun game. But you better hope you have a powerful machine to smoothly run all of these new effects. Titan Quest (and Immortal Throne along with it) dose not let you off the hook when it comes to CPU and graphics card usage. So I give this game 8.0 out of 10