Warning This game may cause: Addictiveness, Excuses, "Just one more minute" gameplay, and a lot of fun

User Rating: 9 | Spore PC
I am warning you: this game will suck out your living soul. I am losing all of my social factors, staying up till 4 am, getting late for everything, and in love. I really suggest that you get someone to watch over you while playing. However, make sure that you give that person a chance: they'll hate you if you don't. Bad social situations aside, this game is GREAT! The amount of customization options is incredible, most stages are addictive (cell stage is too shallow for it), and the graphics are nice and smooth, even when running on my 8-year old computer. If this game was just one of those stages, yet made much deeper, this game would have been respectable. With the amount of content in this game and the seamless transition to other stages, this game is downright irresistible. My only problem is that the first few stages are a little too shallow. However, complaining about something like that for a game that is so much more is kinda picky. You may buy this game if you want to, but remember: I warned you!