A little bit repetitive.

User Rating: 6.5 | Spore PC
I remember how before 3 years i heard of upcoming game called Spore. I was curious and look for it and really liked it. The screenshots and videos looked awesome and promising. Many people kept repeating: It will be best game ever! Too bad those years passed and game got released. It was totally different than it looked like on videos. It got too childish if you ask me. Even the kids don't like it because of same reason. Well maybe not the ones who are 3 years old. Anyway it is disappointing. It was made really simple to suit the younger gamers, which is bad. All stages are repetitive which means every time you start new game you'll do same what you did in previously played game and we all know how repetitive fits to games. I'm really sad that happened since it could've been one of best games, but they just changed whole game we knew from older videos and made it cartoonish. Graphics are nice and it would even pass with more harder gameplay for older gamers. Sound is neat. Well, there isn't much to say except you have stages with repetitive tasks, except you'll probably play with new creature which isn't enough to make it more fun. The whole game is somehow saved by good editors. Most of the time you'll create creatures and vehicles and buildings instead of play with them. Since when you start to play with them you get disappointed. It's still hard for me to realise how game that i wanted for 3 years got so messed up. Expect new expansion packs which might improve gameplay since it's the Maxis who made the game, so its same story like with Sims.

Conclusion: Buy Creature Creator since if you get Spore you'll never play it more than 3 times. You might as well give it to your younger sister or brother or kids to play with, and i mean to play with DVD like drawing on it since they probably won't play it too.