Its okay...

User Rating: 7 | Spore Galactic Adventures PC
As you probably already know this is a expansion pack for the awesome spore game. It adds lot sof cool new features such as creating levels and coming up with interesting story lines that you can share with thousands of other people online. You can also download their adventures and play theirs. Doing new advnetures and the Maxis made story made gives you points that let you customize your creature with things that help it in some way. Jet pack? Check. Epic lazer gun? Check. If you already have spore I suggest getting this cool expansion that should be fun for awhile. You can come up with the craziest things if you think hard enough and then send it to the world so they can play it, comment on it (like dislike etc.). The sad thing is the player made missions dont give much points so you have to play the Maxis made missions which are okay, but I would rather play my own mission or someone elses.