User Rating: 10 | Spore Galactic Adventures PC
spore galactic adventures is a gaming masterpeice. it is above all, awesome, and I would easily pay 30$ dollars for it. It is the best game i have played yet. If you dont know about buying it I would 100% recommend it. If you are a maxis fan play this, if you are a spore fan play this, if you are an adventure/creator fan PLAY THIS, IF YOU HAVE NEVER PLAYED A PC GAME PLAY THIS! And when you do buy this ( you really should) please check out my creations my username is texan99 and check out D_H_Garner's. So if you have 30$ dollars this is the thing to unless your a whinp or dont have enough money then go to your local target or gamstop (or buy it here) and go buy it. warning:warning:warning: YOU MUST HAVE SPORE TO USE. so do get SPORE then go get GALACTIC ADvENTURES together they are about 50$ but it is well worth it, and do not buy a used copy many people tend to over load the game and use glitches and then sell them after they break it. so make sure you have spore and go buy yourself galactic adventures!