its a good game but way to easy 10 lvls of the game and your done.

User Rating: 8 | SpongeBob's Truth or Square X360
you can get a lot of achievements on the game i just wish it had online you can play with 2 palyers there is no DLC for it but it has nice graphics its just like the movie game but way more easyer .It should take about 30 mins or 1 hour. i dont know why it says xbox live if it dont have xbox live the sound in the background is very nice.the boss battle are good.But on the last mission i dont think you can play 2 payers on the last mission because it wont make sense if you have the game you would know what im talking about. why dont they make the game for ps3 it would be the first spongebob game on can only play spongebob for 1 player.
spongebob truth or spuare-8/10
its a good game you should rent it before you should buy it tell me your review on the game the show is cool and the game.Xbox live gamertag is qz08