this game is fun, but madd short.

User Rating: 7 | SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge PS
thank you for choosing to read my review! i appreciate it very much!

ok ok ok!!!!! like, this game is cool. like, i barely remember stuff about it, cuz the last time i played it was about 6 years ago. yes, 6 years.

well, the plot is like, songebob's best friend patric wanted an autograph from mermaid man and barnacle boy. but, spongebob gots to do a few things before he can get the autograph. like, whenever mermaid man or barnacle boy requests something, you have to beat a boss to get what they want.

so, this game is like a side scrolling platformer/role playing thingy. and it's very very very VERY similar to the early sonic the hedgehog games. like, you know how in the sonic games when you have the rings and you get hurt, you drop them? well in this game, you collect golden spatulas and when you have some and you get hurt, you drop the spatulas. see the similarity? wait. i already said that in one of my other reviews!!!! whateva. it's like the old sonic games. OK?????

the graphics in this game are in 2d. so they're obviously not realistic lookin. well, at least they're very good 2d graphics!!!! everything is all colorful, just how i like tha graphics to be!!!!!!

the controls are very simple. i don't remember what buttons does what, but i remember that the controls were simple. DON'T ASK!!!

well, if you're wondering about the major flaws in this game, i'll name them: THE GAME IS EXTREMELY SHORT AND TOO EASY!!!! well, i beat this game in about 2 hours. i'm not kidding. and, well, all side scrolling platformer games are easy to play. this one is just one of the easiest one out there. why?? because this is a KIDS GAME. all kids games are easy, right? well, not all of them, but most of them. this just happens to be one of the many easy ones.

the music is pretty good. it all fits in with the world... most of the times. well, the music can get extremely frustratingly annoying, but that only happens once in a while. and the sound effects are ok. some are madd annoying, some are not.

ya wanna know what some of the levels are like? if ya wanna know, keep reading this paragraph. if you don't, just skip to the next one. well, some levels are like, really nicely designed. some of them are prehistoric levels with toxic waste pits with furniture floating in them, the underwater meadows, and a graveyard. really, that's all i remember.

and now, teh final score!!!!
the graphics get a 6/10
the plot gets a 7/10
the sound effects get a 5.209/10
the controls get a 9.38/10
the music gets an 8.1/10
overall, it's a 7.1218/10!!!! WOO HOO!!!

so, i would recommend this game to anyone who like spongebob, anyone who likes side scolling games (especially the fans of the early sonic games), and to little kids, since this game is a kids game. so WOO HOO!!! PLEASE RATE!!!!