Awesome weapons! What more could u want?

I played 3 of the 4 ratchet and clank games (not up your arsenal) and ratchet and clank going commando definatly has the best single player mode out of all them. I played it before the 1st game and when i finish it and started the 1st one, I quickly becamae bored of it and i dont think i have ever finished it.

Ratchet and clank goining commando definatly has the best weapons. Compared to all of the other games in the series the weapons are not only cooler but there are also about 30 more of them and all the lvs are longer and give a nice challenge.

If i was only able to have one of the games though it would have to be either UYA or DL. Though the single player lvs are not as good and there are not as many weapons, THERES MULTYPLAYER ONLINE!!! This opens up another world inside the game. Fighting with your friends for hours, keeping track of your stats, trying to rise to greatness.

So UYA or DL is the game to get if your are looking for a game that is a great multyplayer. BUt if your not in to multyplayers and you are looking for a good single player or if you just dont have the internet adapter, then ratchet and clank going commando is definatly the game to get.