great game for the ages its suppose to be for. I bought it for my 4 yr old and she completed all but 2 stages herself.

User Rating: 7 | SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom WII
This is a great game for the ages it is suppose to be for. I bought it for my 4 yr old and she could complete every level with the exception of 2 stages herself. And had a few advanced jump sequences she could not do. And I thought the game was easy enough to control, and yet still have some spots where you really have to think. I liked the game alot. And I have started playing toybots since then and it is much harder than this game. She is having alot of difficulty with the jumps.

If you like the nicktoons games this one was easy and fun, and has lots of characters for you to play. However you cannot switch between the characters on the different levels like you can on Toybots. That is a negative to me. But I love Invader Zim and you get a chance to play Zim with his plunger of doom and that is awesome.

Overall great game for the kids for sure. I would highly recommend for the younger kids that are starting to learn how to play wii for sure.