Please do not do the same mistake as I did, when I bought this game. And if you do, sell it, like I did.

"So, finally a real pokémon game for stationary. That just has to be great", I thought before I bought it, for about 80$. I meant that the better graphics and more opportunities for game lengt and value would make this game better than the old GB and GBC ones. Also, the double-battle system and some new pokémon made it look good. And since they were on the front of the game pack, I thought you would have the opportunity of somehow getting Groudon and Kyogre.

But no, how horribly dissapointed I was, when I realised they had ruined the concept of pokémon, the foundations of what the popular game series stands on.
"Gotta catch 'em all!", 50 pokémon, that you steal from other trainers and who are worthless for a long time before you can start training them.
No fields with wild pokémon, you travel between the cities on some kind of ugly vehicle, which you see in a cutscene before you arrive.
The more kiddy design compared to GB games and the worthless game story wasn't convincing in any way.

Well, since it was pokémon I decided to continue and play through it anyway, also it was summer and I had nothing else to do by then. It became a little bit better with that mountain where you can train up your pokémon, but it still wasn't good.

The trading system was of course also worth a try, so I traded some with my sister's sapphire. Of the ~8 pokémon you could trade only a few wasn't pokémon I wanted to use myself. No use of that either

Later I figured out that the main part of the game must be the closseum part, so I tried that too and it just wasn't fun at all, killing some weak pokémon in battle after battle, without any story at all. When I read in a nintendo magazine that those who did this game never had made a game before and most of them didn't know anything about pokémon I wasn't surprised. Not at all.

So, please do not do the same mistake as I did, when I bought this game. Especially not for the high price it was sold for, at least in Europe. If you do, sell it, like I did and try to forget how much money you lost in that affair.