A good example for games who got gore instead of gameplay...oh man,this game is really bad...

The Good:
+ 2 player Co-op
+ extereme Gore
+ costs 10 Bucks,sometimes less

The Bad:
- Awful graphics
- Awful Story
- Awful Voice Acting
- Everything else

First off,I like plain shooting games...really.Even Lightgun shooters like House of the Dead.But this is a nice idea with almost everything made wrong.

Well,I´ve seen better PS1-Games...the textures look crappy,the characters (in 90% of all games the best looking thing) are ugly as hell,...there´s everything wrong.The only thing that keeps it up a bit are the extreme slow-motion-gore-scenes,but even these getting on the nerves after the first Level.

The Gameplay:
You Steer your Gun with one stick,you got 2 Buttons to shoot...well that´s all you do.In a common Lightgun-Shooter it´s no problem,but this is none.The Camera spins around the characters.Sounds like no problem,seems cool at first,but is almost always getting in the way.Did I mention the Game is slow?And I mean sloooooooow...even if the Co-op is ok for a short time the game kills off itself thanks to the issues.

The Sound:
The Music is acceptable,but the Voice-acting is one of the worst that can happen.Why are 2 characters screaming at each other all the time???They are not more then 1m afar from each other...

If you´re bored...and I mean totally bored,maybe got pretty drunk and search for a brainless Co-op-shooter you could eventually think about renting it...all others just waste time and money.