Fatally flawed AI spoils what could have been a good arcade racer.

User Rating: 3 | Split/Second PC
Split/Second is simple, flashy, and fun. Or, it would have been if were not for the AI.

The game has some fun modes, like Air Strike and Survival. Ironically, the mode that will make you tear your hair out is just the normal Race mode.

In Race mode, you get pitted against 7 opponents in a normal 2-3 lap race. What's the big deal? The other cars will rubber-band ahead of you in ways that will make your jaw drop.

Each car has a statistic of speed and acceleration. Nothing new here, you get a new car that has, say, 4 bars of acceleration and 3 bars of speed. Not too shabby for the earlier levels of the game.

Except those bars been exactly squat to your opponents. You are going to see pickup trucks that supposedly have half as many bars of speed as you pass you like you were driving a Honda Civic. And then they will stay far ahead of you so you have no chance to bring them down in an explosion. Seriously, who designed the AI like this?

You can literally drive a perfect race with no crashes, at maximum throttle with what SHOULD be (one of) the fastest cars on the track, and no even have a chance of winning. Bad, bad AI ruins this game. And that's a shame because the other modes are a lot of fun.