Where are the basic things?

User Rating: 6 | Split/Second PC
First of all game has very limited options menu but I guess reason of this game is limited. We don't have minimap, speedometer and other stuff we just can see our "power" and which lap we are going. We can gain "power" by drifting, drafting etc. (like nfs underground 2 nos gain) and we can use that "power" to control environmental effects like blowing up the truck by the road or changing some parts of road to wreck opponents. But somehow we cannot wreck the opponents by simple driving tricks actually we can but we are not getting credit for that. Also we cannot use power while we are looking back so if you are on the lead it is kinda annoying.
Driving is very simple, nearly same as old "need for speed 2 se", at least it is not unplayable like "grid" but it is not good as any other opponents like "burnout" or "flat out".
plus in this game car doesn't have manual gear, damn what am I saying it doesn't even have an handbreake ! Also engine is very quiet in all cars, explosion sounds quite good tho.
And good thing about this everything explodes, this is very funny at the beginning but when we start to catch all other tiny annoying things, it kinda kills the fun. This could be a legend for racing games, it brings new toys to racing but why the hell did they forget about basic things.. most annoying thing by far cars don't have handbreake…also manual gear would be good and a speedometer….list goes on and on because game misses too much from "racing games must have things". To sum up you can have fun for 1-2 hours by playing this game but I bet you won't even remember its name after 1-2 month.

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