Excellent. Blackrock studios has gone where no racing game has gone before and nailed a great first impression...

User Rating: 9 | Split/Second PC
This short but powerpacked racer is all I hoped it would be. I had been tracking it ever since it was announced and finally I get my hands on it. The graphics are slick, the racing is chaotic, the sound is thunderous and the adrenaline is pumped. Never had I wanted to restart a race so many times, even when I won. Every track is littered with booby traps and you never know what to expect on the next corner. As your about to pass underneath the helicopter your eyes are 100% fixed on it to see if it opens its latch and drops hell on you. You constantly pray the player behind you misses his power play sweet spot and misses. As a level 2 power play is triggered your heart races as you wonder if you are going to make it past it in time. I have not had so much fun with a racer since Burnout 3. Sure, there is some slight rubber-banding in races, but that is fine by me since I get to inflict even more mayhem on them. The car selection and customization is limited unfortunately, but if you want all that go buy Gran Turismo. The PC porting job is not the best but it definitely isn't the worse. Also, the 360 controller I use registers but the button layout is as if you were using the keyboard. While driving I encountered minor frame drops, nothing too serious to hinder my racing performance, but occasionally a large drop would come especially when there were 4 other cars wrecking around you. My PC is not to blame since I run it with a GTX 470 I just got. Oh yea, and did I mention it has a 30fps lock? Don't know what is up with that... Again this is very minor compared to how great and fun this game is. Blackrock pretty much hammered the nail and I expected as much after their solid 2008 title. I am hoping there is DLC for this soon because it will kick ass. Buy this game, you will not be disappointed.