I would rather play thie then COD2 I love this game.

I love this game it is very cool and very realistic in some ways but in others it is an arcade game.

the most realistic part of the game is the tanks. the Russian tanks are pretty hard to kill even if you shoot it from behind. and the turret has the scope and every thing like a tank sim.

but the arcadey parts are for instance the AI even on all the way hard they are the stupidest people i have ever seen im mean you shoot at one he returns fire and walks right past you like nothing ever happened. I hate it when the AI gets in your tank it PO's me so badly i want to through the computer out the window. luckily they have commands so yu can tell them to stop.

one last thing is, every tank can be killed within two shots, the tiger tank should a least take 4-5 shot really it was a tough tank.

but besides all that stuff this game to me is more fun than COD2 or BF 1942. its got great graphics pretty good game play and great multi-player if your just walking around with 25 bucks in your pocket and you've got a decent computer than you should definitely play it you'll be hooked. hope to see you online.