FUN but short GREAT if ur a spidy fan

User Rating: 8.5 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe PC
despite its an incredibly easy game and the AI of the game isnt that intelligent but your side kick can hold there own but you do most of the work and its still a great game to play. the game made me laugh through out because it didn't take itself so seriously it had the spideman wise cracks in there and some classic lines in the game. the level designs are quite good. you gather these orbs things that then you can purchase upgrades for spiderman and the other characters in the game. the characters in the game are well designed and with the cartoon graphics it dose give it an authentic feel to the game. with the 360 version the achievements don't require much effort to archive you will probably get the first achievement straight after the first level or was that just me. the unlockables are ok like the arenas you unlock after you fight loads of robots after you get the key. i thought that it did need more difficulty in the levels and better AI on the enemies also it could of given more variation in the enemy design and more than just 2 or 3 different attacks.

in conclusion its a good game i recommend either a rental if your still unsure about it or get it when its in a sale or something £20 is a good price i payed for it and i thought it was a good purchase and if you are a avid spiderman fan its a nice game to add to your collection.