User Rating: 8 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe PS2
The campaign is very fun, but the multiplayer is even better. You play as spider man, but through the game you unlock extra characters for free play or a friend to play as. Their are a variety of enemies in the ranging from ancient Egyptian to Japanese ninjas. As you fight the enemies you will get points that can be used as money to buy upgrades for spider man or other character. Spider man has the advantage to use web moves while others can use more power weapons or different type of moves. Some friends may try to kill you first while others just help you immediately after finding you. The multiplayer is awesome, but you both must stay on the some team. But if you can get passed that then multiplayer is awesome, you can either work together to beat the level of get points or you can work against each other competing for points and extra health. This game is a must play for any spider man fan or just a fan of hand to hand combat.