Short casual beat-em up game

User Rating: 7 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe PS2
Spider-Man Friend or Foe teams spider-man with some friends of his that he has had team ups in the comics with, prowler, black cat, blade, and iron fist but, also allows him to convince some of his biggest foes to join him on his fun but short game journey. One of the problems I have with this game is that some of his sidekicks are not very fun to play with. However they're a few gems in there, black cat, blade and vemon I found all of them enjoyable and I found spider-man enjoyable. Now one thing I notice in the other reviews is people say the gameplay is same thing every time, but that's the essence of beat-em up game if you don't that don't play the game in the first place. This is a good game to play every once in awhile when you're bored with other games. As long as you take like spider-man takes which is not seriously this game should be enough to help you stable your spider-man cravings. At least until the sequel comes.