Fun Game, Cartoony graphics, but too short and lacks depth in game and storyline. Mainly it's a teenage game!!

User Rating: 10 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe PC
the game looks ok, and is graphically well engineered, but that's not what gamers are looking forward to, right? we need more! this is a game to be played for maximum a week then put it on a shelf or even throw it away if you'd like to it's only 20$!!!
And like all spider-man games, non of them is done correctly, if they give you free roam they take away combat, and if they give you combat they take away free roam, as it's the case of the game on hand.
as for in depth analysis of this game the camera's fixed and there's some sort of collectibles, which are all images, and they suck, so my advixe is don't bother finding them. The combo system is better than marvel ultimate alliance, but still you get bored shortley as it is repetitive.
so, this is a game for rental only, and that's for sure!!!