Have the folks at Gamespot LOST THEIR FLIPPIN MINDS?

User Rating: 2 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe PC
I usually feel the fine reviewers here at this wonderful site are, well, a little rough on some games. Very picky when it comes to their scores. But to classify this pile of elk dung as "good" and to insult the number "7" by giving it a score of same boggles this booze soaked mind. This is easily EASILY the worst superhero game ever made. (worse than Superman for the 64, worse than Justice League, and YES YES worse than Aquaman) Game Play: You punch and kick, then a bridge lowers and you can access another area where you punch and kick some more until another bridge lowers (to be fair sometimes they rise, rotate or appear from nowhere) and this goes on and on and on and ON. I got through three levels and said "I get it, there are a lot of bridges" and put Halo 3 back in. So there you have it, from my fingers to your eyes. Take it or leave it, but leave this game alone or the terrorists have allready won!