As a Spider Man Fan I am disappointed with this game.

User Rating: 5.5 | Spider-Man: Edge of Time X360
Shattered Dimensions is not my favourite Spider Man game, but with 4 Spider Men with "unique" gameplay, is closed to it.
Edge of time however, it simply grabbed SD gameplay twitched it a bit, grabbed the people favourite character of the game (which was Spider man 2099) and since Amazing Spider man is more famous world wide he was added was well.
What happens ?
Interesting story, yes, But very short.
Combat becomes basically a button masher, kinda like SD, but SD had diversity with 4 the Spider men (sorry if I'm being fanboy), in EOT it's the same moves, only "better" graphics IN amazing universe.
In 2099 Universe (Where the story pretty much takes place) it has no difference from the SD, but the thing that really pissed me off was the free falling sequeces, they decided to add way more, and to make it last long, HOWEVER, the gameplay is not the same, you no longer have the same freedom in falling like you had in SD, how can I compare have restricted movement towards the falling, and there's the dodging, the invisible walls, and other stuff that I do not want to spoil.

I only advise it to retail it, instead of buying it, it won't be worth your time. Really sad. I hope Activision thinks about Beenox being responsible for Spider man games.
As a Spider Man Fan I am disappointed with his game.