spiderman edge of time was it worth the wait?

User Rating: 7.5 | Spider-Man: Edge of Time X360
to star off im a huge comic book fan and spiderman is one of my favorite super heroes.This game is the sequel to spider-man shattered dimensions,and i must say its a step up from that.the game takes place in modern time and 2099.

the story is ok its nothing that would make you go O.O.The entire game you are being chased by what peter calls the atrocity which is a combination of three people who i will not spoil.

so what do you do in the game? Well you beat the s**t out of a million generic enemys.But whats diffrent about this game is you're not beating bosses for shards.

You can purchase upgrades with portal power and golden spiders.

overall i think the game is good not great.I wouldint advise buying it.
combat has you mashing x b and y.

score------weekend rent-7.5