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What Gamespot Users have to say about Spider-Man: Edge of Time

  • User Rating 4.5

    Did not like the game, thought it was a waist of time and thank god it was only 35$ because it was worth about half that

    Rated on August 04, 2012 by will25809

    This game starts out semi-strong, but quickly deteriorates. For me it wasn't even worth finishing, so I got to 73% and decided to stop. The game starts with a cool scene that plays out through the r...

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  • User Rating 6

    An ambitious attempt but too under-developed to really stand out

    Rated on December 04, 2012 by Decapod_10

    After weeks on contemplating whether to buy Spider-man: Edge of Time (I didn't fancy dropping a full £40 on launch for a six to seven hour long game) when Black Friday gave me the chance to get it for...

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  • User Rating 8

    Better than it's predecessor, shattered dimensions, Spidey is now the hero of a ''cloned'' Arkham Asylum!

    Rated on October 05, 2011 by TheChristReborn

    First off, I was really skeptical when I was saw the trailers months ago after what I thought was a big let down on spidey games, ''shattered dimensions''. I thought it would be the same bad games tha...

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  • User Rating 7.5

    spiderman edge of time was it worth the wait?

    Rated on October 11, 2012 by RVD92

    to star off im a huge comic book fan and spiderman is one of my favorite super heroes.This game is the sequel to spider-man shattered dimensions,and i must say its a step up from that.the game takes p...

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  • User Rating 6

    Spider-Man: Edge of Time is on the edge of being a waste of time.

    Rated on October 09, 2011 by JustPlainLucas

    Everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has had a few bumps in his video game career. Developer Beenox attributed to one of those bumps with their lackluster 2007 title Friend or Foe. Making up ...

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  • User Rating 8

    This is actually pretty good for its pretty linear gameplay but the voice acting, writing and story are awesome

    Rated on October 09, 2011 by cousincheeto

    I don't know why ppl are giving this 6/10 and C's this game is a completely different animal then Shattered Dimensions and Web of Shadow's. I like how this game is very Story Based (Unlike SD & WoS) G...

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  • User Rating 4.5

    The new entry to the spidey game series. Was it really worth creating?

    Rated on October 21, 2011 by talkbar

    Oh what a tangle web we weave, when first we practise to deceive. That sentiment, sadly, also applies to Edge of Time. It fails rather spectacularly to capitalise upon the potential of last year's Sha...

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  • User Rating 5.5

    <br /> As a Spider Man Fan I am disappointed with this game.

    Rated on October 27, 2011 by Devilspidey

    Shattered Dimensions is not my favourite Spider Man game, but with 4 Spider Men with "unique" gameplay, is closed to it. Edge of time however, it simply grabbed SD gameplay twitched it a bit, grabbed...

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  • User Rating 5.5

    Just an awful waste of the potential that Shattered Dimensions created.

    Rated on December 10, 2011 by nephili232

    I hate Activision. I hate them so much. I swear they are bent on ruining video games for the entire world and have done more to destroy the industry then all the Jack Thompsons combined. Despite their...

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  • User Rating 8

    Spider-Man Edge of Time Review

    Rated on January 01, 2012 by BLASTER10169

    Edge of Time is one of those Spider-Man games that is underrated. Edge of Time is actually a great game and they did a spectacular job on the story. Story: The story is just the best part of Edge o...

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